Social Media Superpower.

The power of social media is unquestionable, from viral cat videos and Woolworths water hashtags, to celebrity roast tags and support for small businesses. Social media has changed how easy it is to get your work recognized. People can practically get famous over night! The content you post can easily make or break you, making it either harder or easier for you to break through into the public eye. This is why it is always important to deliver consistant, quality content at all times keeping in mind that your audience is always right.

Social Media.

Social media has changed the way we communicate but it has it's downsides. It is important to understand why you are on social media and stick to that. If you are on there for politics, stick to it; if you are there for slaying, stick to that.

Photography Can Be A Beautiful Art.

Photography is more of an art than it may seem to be. Colours, saturations and hue's are just a few key components of any artwork that make it great. Come enjoy my journey into photography with me as I explore and learn all there is to know about it.

My Country.

South Africa is a beautiful country, filled with lifem culture and vibrance... but I feel that if we keep going down the road we're going we will find ourselves ruining the beautiful landscape we have worked so hard to build. Let us focus on creating future scientists, expolring the cosmos and the oceans and perhaps reaching mars instead of segregating ourselves with talk of "the land".


Twitter is a platform that is often abused by people. People fight, expose and stunt all day long and this has become normal on the platform. It is time we think of ourselves as brands and start behaving equally so.